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Where have I been??

Hello everyone, after a long absence!

So where have I been?

Living down an anxiety hole of my own creation.

My last blog ( practically wrote itself, as I was keeping track of a 90 day challenge, and the whole effort was linked to a charity that I could talk about for years - whether or not anyone would listen. This blog started because I didn't want to stop writing, and people asked me if I planned to keep going, but it felt weird to keep writing as 'The 90 Days Mum', as 90 days had been and gone. But all of a sudden I felt like an imposter. Who was I to talk about 'Mum-Care' when I was so singularly rubbish at it myself?

So here are some of the things I thought I needed to do:

Real ALL the self-care books (or at the very least, one).Find the perfect solution for time management for Mums.Fill the freezer with batch-cooked healthy food.Courses! All the courses! About everything!Declutter seven years' worth of rubble from my h…