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This mug is my most precious possession. Why? Because it was the way The Cat told me, very clearly and for the very first time, that he loves me.

Shortly before Christmas, my lovely Mum in New Zealand sent each of my boys £10. As soon as The Cyclist (my husband) got home, The Cat announced to him, in the most terrible stage whisper, that he wanted to go to town straight away and buy me a Christmas present with it. I don't think it had ever occurred to any of the children to give me a present before, although they were good at telling The Cyclist that I might like sharing-sized portions of their favourite sweets for my birthday. I had a slight dampness in my eyes at overhearing this conversation, (which of course I DIDN'T overhear, because that would spoil any later surprises) but assumed that as the shops were already closed that night, he'd forget his lovely idea and spend the money on Kinder chocolate in various forms. Or Lego. Or lose it somewhere in the house. Also, T…

Happy New Year!

As usual, I'm a little later than most in marking the New Year.  I'm also way out of date with blogging. So much for keeping a diary of my Mum-Care efforts in 2018! I made some real progress last year in terms of looking after myself and trying to put the 'Person' back into 'Mum-Person', but I was so busy doing all that and still frantically Mumming that I didn't quite get enough balance in my life to fit blogging in as well. I really, really wish I had, because I tried a load of new things, with varying levels of success, had lots of ups and downs with the kids, and came into 2019 with a totally fresh perspective on life. So, if I have any 'resolution' this year, it's to get writing again, because I love it and I'm determined to do more of what I love.

I don't know what the New Year holds for you all, but I know that for me it will be a happy one, even if not all day every day.


Because I'd rather laugh than cry, and that's …